dISC Benefits

The Social Benefits: dISC promotes greater financial and social inclusion across the world through equitable access, and will provide more successful, rewarding and fulfilling educational experiences to better reward learners for their education investment. This will secure improved whole of life outcomes for students and their families, bringing lasting structural, communal, and material benefits to individuals, government, employers, educational institutions and the economy. 

    Successimproving financial and other transactions with your educational institutions and transforming your pathways to success

Access: improving access to information and educational opportunity for your global learning journey

Quality of experience: improving your learning, living, and leadership outcomes 

dISC Vision is to offer students and their educational institutions an integrated world of befits 

Through a global student cross border (lending-as-a-service) digital tuition fee management platform. We use the power of globally accepted protocols to facilitate global financial transactions, and internal and external block chains to add transparency to our process

Leveraging dISC's evidence-based and digitally-enhanced knowledge architecture including dISC's 21C charter, competency and well being

Building online communities that sustain a superior global end-to-end learning, living and leadership experience for life though an integrated competency-based digital platform that includes a student  learning journey engine and student learning experience engine 

dISC Technology

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