All of us as stakeholders in the broader community of a School for tomorrow. – students, teachers, staff, leaders, parents and friends – need to challenge

ourselves with high aspirations, to validate our sense of kinship with each other, and to promote the pathways to success tha...

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        Schools are much better at fulfilling their mission when their community of

        inquiry and practice collaborates to achieve better outcomes for more learners.

        They need to find and agree on a way that they do this if they want to become

        a School for tomorrow.


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We live in a rapidly changing world. Everyday life means living through

complexity, being ready for the things that life throws at us, and enjoying the good fortune with which we are blessed. There is a volume, pace, and intensity to our times that mean we need to be in a position to r...

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The core business of a School for tomorrow. is to help its students to express the civic character of

belonging, the performance character of fulfilling potential and the moral character of doing what is

good and right so that they might achieve success – progress and wellness on their pathways to


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Understanding who you are as a leader in schools of character with high-

performance culture seems to be much about defining your sense of purpose. For it is through their sense of mission

that leaders are most formed in terms of their leadership practice. This practice is usually intensely practical ...

Harold Lucero
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