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A unique vertically integrated student-centric global platform...

Introducing a unique vertically integrated student-centric global platform, enabling financial mobility using innovative technology and improving cross border education financing links. dISC is revolutionising the global process for access to entry, funding, and the portability of educational qualifications.

Through digital technology and our research-based educational frameworks,  the platform offers!

  • A global student cross border (lending-as-a-service) digital tuition platform to provide equitable access, financial mobility and better funding options
  • Learning journey and AI engine that coaches students for individual success
  • Global enrolment support and student education passport that brings tangible benefits & global mobility
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dISC Advantages


Empower direct student relationships with institutions, industry, alumni & family networks


Support students to realise their international ambitions by replacing old traditional inefficient and opaque processes with accessible, easy to use platforms that provide simple transparent access along


Supply students with the community, coaching, and other necessary learning, living, and leadership products required for them to demonstrate the 21C character, competency, and wellbeing that will enable them to thrive in their education and work lives


Connect students to future opportunities in the world of work that are currently controlled by gatekeepers and networks, and continue to support them in their journey after initial qualifications

Meaningful and Profitable

Using data, AI enabled and Blockchain technologies translates to a better student journey experience and supports individual success.

Intelligent and Research-Driven

Data is fed to AI algorithms informed by a unique knowledge architecture framework. Leveraging tools that proactively empower students to help themselves, and get what they need, quickly and effectively.

Data-Nuanced Analytics

The dISC platform is fully integrated and built to empower our researchers and partners to effectively analyze data across the platform.


Using the power of globally accepted protocols to facilitate global financial transactions. Internal and external blockchains to add transparency to our process. 

Cloud Technology

All software built is cloud based and cloud native, giving the ability to be global, scalable, and making it easy for all partners to use. 

Safety and Compliance

dISC data is encrypted and respectful of privacy regulations. The data lake and central analysis tool is compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 1, and SOC 2 Type 2. Beyond that, robust security is implemented for all access. 

Our Existing N​etwork

Global Existing Networks

dISC has a head start for achieving a transformation agenda through an existing network in which a highly-respected educational services business supports the learning, living, and leading of hundreds of thousands of students and families that are served by current clients - a ready-connected market segment which it is already expanding further. 

dISC ​Clients

dISC Channels 

​The dISC Team

We’re applying our combined expertise gained from more than 150 collective years of leadership and innovation in education, technology, business, and professional services to create a realizable vision for transforming global education

Harold Lucero

Specialities: * Interventions & problem solving * Management & Team Leadership * Trading Systems * Leadership,and getting results - managing the bottom line

Global CEO

Mark Feldman

Specialties: • Change Management • IT Strategy • Project Managemen • Business Process Improvement
Head of Strategy

Tiago Ourives

Specialties: • SAP Implementation & Project Management • Technical Team Leader • Technical Consulting • Technical Implementation

Global CTO

Brad Adams

Specialties: • Educational Leadership • Staff Development • Student Affairs • International Education

Director - Group Education

Jon Leighton

Specialties: • Business Strategy • Organisational Development • Change Management • Executive Managemen


Rod Lucero

Specialties: • Corporate Governance • Financial Services - Financial Reporting & Planning • Business Development • Change Management

Global CFO

Matthew Donlon

Specialties: • Strategic Planning • Project Management • Operational Management • Financial Modeling

Global  COO

Ben Leighton

Specialties: • Recruitment • Business Development • International Networking • Organisational Development

Global  Talent

Phil Cummins

Specialties: • Educational Leadership • Leadership Development • Organisational Development • Strategic Planning

Global MD

Voni Leighton

Specialties: • Interventions and problem solving • Business Development • Project Management • Leadership

Global Student Services

Alexander Lucero

Financial Data Analyst Specialties: • Risk Management • Financial Modeling • Project Management • Financial Analysis

Finance and Analytics

Real Time Updates on C​OVID-19

COVID 19 - Information - As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, dISC is supporting our students and community at large by providing real time information from official sources, 

Note: Data sources are WHOUS CDCChina NHCECDC, and DXY